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All Salespeople are judged Guilty until proven Innocent.

Like Lawyers and Politicians, we get a bad rap from the several decades of external pressure and force and one-sided selfish behavior. Caveat Emptor.

The real problem has been a complete misalignment of goals, and disastrous misunderstanding of the Sales Process by Salespeople as a result of poor, misdirected, or ineffective training. No training or skill development at all is usually the biggest culprit.

Like every other relationship in our lives, we bring our own ideas and prejudices to the equation, and as it relates to Sales, they are very infrequently laudable traits.

We have to turn it around. Each of us, one Salesperson, one day at a time. Sales cannot be a "me first" endeavor.

Win/Win is the only sustainable concept.

You will know you are on the right track, if it seems uphill all the way.

It gets easier - but it never gets easy.

Individual Effort is all we control.

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