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Steve Hasenmueller writes and speaks about what it takes for businesses and employees to THRIVE in the demanding and ever-changing marketplace. With over 35 years’ experience of front line selling, Steve has traveled consistently over 100 days a year working with Companies in the US, Canada, and Europe. He has conducted Seminars and Keynotes in 9 countries reaching thousands of people. His challenging and uplifting messages of PERSONAL RESPONSIBILITY, ACCOUNTABILITY, and EFFORT, along with real life solutions to improvement, will resonate with anyone trying to improve their personal lives through their work.  After 30 years on the road in Sales, Steve decided to retire from that role and devote full time efforts to Speaking, Training, Writing and Philanthropy, with his next book due out in 2023. He currently resides in Belize with his wife Jane, author of The Grief of Wisdom


Did you know three out of every five children in Belize are not enrolled in school today? And only two out of every five children will finish high school. Primary education is free and compulsory only through age 14. However, a sizable minority of Belizean children do not complete primary school. Families must pay for education and the financial burden is too high. It costs a family living in Belize $0.32 for every $1.00 earned to send a child to school. 

As a philanthropic business Effort Today Enterprises uses 100% of your funds above operational costs towards educational scholarships, special school and classroom projects, and providing other opportunities for young people in Belize.

Mail Donations to:

6122 S Riverpoint Ln

Portland OR  97239

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