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Professional Speaker, Sales Trainer, & Author

Selling in a Post Covid World


It’s a new era for sales – and understanding and being prepared is critical for success. This is a broad ranging informative look to identify and develop:


  • How to transcend the unfavorable bias toward Salespeople

  • The 3 types of Selling that now exist Post Covid

  • The 5 Selling and 5 Life Principles that are essential for long haul Thriving – and how to Make the Flip

  • When and How to deploy your Efforts for Maximum Benefit

  • Understanding that Every Day is a Presentation

Every Day is a (Sales) Presentation


Motivational Keynote connecting

the critical aspect of Well-designed Presentations in your Professional and Personal life – using concepts from the book. “Presentation” to improve Life and Work in our Efforts to become a Better Person. A Better Person makes a Better:



Friend/Family member

Citizen of the World.

Every Day.

Your Presentation Sucks (needs improvement)

  • Every Day is a Presentation

  • Principles

  • Nothing Important Takes Care of Itself

  • Anything Worthwhile Requires Effort

  • You are a Star

  • Effort Activates Energy

  • Today is the Most Important Day of Your Life

  • Some Things are True whether you Believe them or Not

  • Impatience is the Enemy

  • Life of E’s

  • Satisfaction VS Success

  • By Acting we Create our Reality

Sales Skills for Service Techs


To improve their Sales Skills, service technicians can benefit from training and development programs that focus on the following areas:

  • Effective communication skills to build rapport with customers and close deals.

  • Product knowledge to answer customer questions and provide solutions to their needs.

  • Sales techniques and strategies to increase revenue and meet sales targets.

By investing in the development of their Sales Skills, service technicians can enhance their career prospects and contribute to the growth of the company.

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