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"Ultimately, there's one investment that supersedes all others:

Invest in yourself, and everybody has potential they haven't used yet."

- Warren Buffet

Workshop Overview


Effort Today Enterprises provides comprehensive Sales Training designed to improve the Personal and Professional growth of individuals and teams. Our goal is to become the Ultimate Resource for Sales People committed to Personal and Professional Mastery.

 Workshops are a Cycle of Three - 90 Minute Zoom Courses - 30 days apart.


"If you're looking to increase your team's sales skills and techniques, I highly recommend working with Steve. He has a wealth of knowledge and experience in the field, and he was able to help our team learn new strategies that have already started translating into more sales. His strategies are not your "typical" teachings, they're about mindset and our personal behaviors. Ultimately that has the largest impact on our success (personally & professionally). He's engaging, personable, and truly passionate about helping.

Best of all, he's FUN!"           -Adrianne M.



Will Smith famously said “So if you stay ready, you ain't gotta get ready”.  Some Salespeople are looking for their companies or some magical “other” to put them in position for success – when the reality is we have to put ourselves there. Preparation for Salespeople means being ready at all times, understanding the personal responsibility scope of that and the Effort it entails. 

Course covers:

  • 3 Pillars of Preparation

  • 3 Types of Sales Paths available for Salespeople

  • The “Tax” we unconsciously charge our customers and how to remove. (yes – there are 3 kinds)

  • 5 Key Areas of Sales success – not mentioned in most Sales training.

  • Goal Setting

Classes limited to 25

2/14/24 9AM EST/8AM CST/7AM MST/6AM PST/ 2PM UK/3PM Europe

"The "Cycle of Effort" made me realize that sales is not just convincing someone to buy. If you want to be better at sales you have to work with yourself, your values, how you live your life and most of all practice! Steve is very professional and humble in his workshops and he guided me to be a better salesman, and person."



In the Sales world – Presentation isn’t a once in while scenario – it is literally Every Day.  Build your best possible Presentation for Sales Success. Your Presentation determines you Success.  Period.


Course Covers:

  • 3 Steps to an Awesome Presentation

  • Building Value by Getting Credit

  • Making the Invisible – Visible.

  • The Power of Practice

  • Developing a Creative Monopoly

Classes limited to 25

2/28/2024 9AM EST/8AM CST/7AM MST/6AM PST/ 2PM UK/3PM Europe



How do you want this interaction to end – what punctuation??  A period, question mark?  Colon or semi colon? … to be continued? We emphatically want it to end with an Exclamation point!!!!!!!!!

Course Covers:

  • Asking the BEST Questions for engagement

  • Uncovering and handling Objections

  • Closing Sales without the Anxiety (for anyone)

  • Getting Good

Classes limited to 25

2/07/24 NESPA Attendees 9:00-10:30 EST

3/13/2024 9AM EST/8AM CST/7AM MST/6AM EST/2PM UK/3PM Europe

"The ROI on this investment will pay off tenfold. I would HIGHLY recommend this training for anyone looking to grow and empower a team. I also feel it's important to hear this from someone outside the company. Steve is just a fabulous & motivating speaker. The presenter makes a huge difference."


To improve their Sales Skills, service technicians can benefit from training and development programs that focus on the following areas:

  • Effective communication skills to build rapport with customers and close deals.

  • Product knowledge to answer customer questions and provide solutions to their needs.

  • Sales techniques and strategies to increase revenue and meet sales targets.

By investing in the development of their Sales Skills, service technicians can enhance their career prospects and contribute to the growth of the company.


Classes limited to 25

2/21/2024 9AM EST/8AM CST/7AM MST/6AM PST/ 2PM UK/3PM Europe

3/20/2024 9AM EST/8AM CST/7AM MST/6AM PST/ 2PM UK/3PM Europe


Selling, in a perfect scenario, is still very challenging and takes great skill and practice to master the craft and build a sustainable career.

The normal obstacles can sometimes be daunting, but what happens when there are others that we are either not recognizing, or are actually contributing to their negative effects?

If your closing ration isn’t above 50% you should take a hard look and serious consideration to joining us as we deal with what I consider the 7 Deadliest:

#1 – Smart Phones/Social Media
#2 – FOPO
#3 – Lack of Commitment
#4 – Prejudging your Prospect
#5 – A Boring Presentation
#6 – Not Asking for the Order
#7 – Lack of Follow-Up

A great primer to reform or recharge your Sales Efforts.


Classes limited to 25

3/06/2024 9AM EST/8AM CST/7AM MST/6AM PST/ 2PM UK/3PM Europe

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