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Nothing Worthwhile Ever Happens without Effort

TODAY is the Most Important Day of Your Life

The Journey towards a Better way of Life begins TODAY with a Conscious Decision to make the EFFORT

 Steve Hasenmueller's World

Every Person is a Salesperson

Every individual has patterns and behaviors that hold them back from reaching a higher potential.  My goal is to provide a path of impactful information and motivation  to start a journey towards a new level of awareness by examining and exploring concepts that are critical for Salespeople (ALL People) in 5 key areas of focus for Life and work Satisfaction.  With over 35 years of front line selling, training and speaking to thousands of Salespeople in over 15 countries, I have had many opportunities to see and learn what it takes to be successful in this everchanging world.  I am committed to make every interaction a memorable experience, with major emphasis on delivering actionable content and clarity to begin a better life - TODAY.


Fraser M.

Steve possesses a life changing personality combined with a depth of information that will undoubtedly alter the way you think, act, and talk.  His sincere desire to help individuals not only become better salespeople but also become a better person, is unrivaled.  He has the power to transform your life as he changed mine.  Had I not met Mr. Hasenmueller, I would not be the person I am today.

John W.

I have been lucky to attend many events hosted by Mr. Hasenmueller.  I have used his techniques and learning principles in my life and thanks to him my business has more than tripled in sales. After spending an hour with Steve you will be a new person.  I owe him a world of thanks and my admiration for him is overwhelming.  If you have an opportunity to listen to him, it will change your life.

Jeff K.

Having attended literally 100’s of speaking events throughout my career, Steve Hasenmueller is without a doubt the most dynamic gifted speaker I have ever encountered. He is witty, smart, and exceptionally inspiring.

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