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8 Hours of What?

Ok - we all have the same 24 Hours a day.

8 hours to sleep (if not, you should work on that)

8 hours of work (anymore or less subtracts from next block of time)

8 hours of What? (commuting and meals part of this for sure - so not a true 8)

What are we doing with this 8 hours ?

The answer to this is what is going to make the greatest difference in the quality of our lives.

Television? Social media? Drinking/Drugs? None of these or the myriad of other time wasters are going to help.

We are all in development from the day we are born - it's the stopping at some point that exacts a heavy price from us.

How we do in this 8 hours is the most important to consider and will dramatically impact the other 2 - not to mention our relationships.

Pursuing Learning, Personal Discipline, and Growth - that is the "What" we need on a daily basis.

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