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We have all been conditioned to want the ever elusive "More".

Having access to endless options with our devices and the world wide web, we are kept busy perusing and pursuing these (giving too many things equal weight) - to the point of distraction and mindless amusement. Basically, we are wasting our time/lives.

John Wooden correctly said "never confuse activity with accomplishment."

We are now at a point where we are going to have to consciously and determinedly focus on Less.

Research in cognitive psychology has shown that focusing on Less can actually lead to better performance and increased productivity. This is because when we focus on less, we are able to devote more attention and effort to the tasks at hand.

Focusing more selectively also creates a greater level of meaning in what does get our time and attention.

With meaning comes purpose and with purpose a greater level of life satisfaction and effectiveness in our work.

Choose carefully.

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Steve, this is fantastic!

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