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We will spend 60% of our lives working, so the concept of some type of "balance" in the work/life equation is an outdated notion.

Instead of Balance - we have to work toward a "Blend" of our Personal and Professional lives.

How well we develop that Blend (and it is by no means easy) is going to determine our quality of life - because they are both intricate determinants in the Cause and Effect of how our lives are going to unfold.

Let's add in the fact that each generation is living on average 10 years longer than their parents, meaning the path before us is longer and all changes more rapid than at any other time in history.

The key to navigating this path is going to be our ability to learn, continuously, for the rest of our lives.

Being a "Life Long Learner" has ways been critical - but somewhat of a cliche because everyone knows it - yet few embrace it.

If you think that what you learned in high school, college, a social media manipulated feed back loop, or even last year, is going to be enough to get you to the finish line in good shape - you would be sadly mistaken.

We are going to have to Train (and re Train) our Brains if we have any hope of Finishing Strong and it will require a great continuous Effort.

Make Every Day a Train Your Brain Day.

Our Efforts create our Reality.

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