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We all want to grow and develop - we all want to positively Evolve.

A basic definition of Evolving is to develop from a simple to a more complex form.

And while we might think this happens on its own - our most formative years - until 18 years old - are all accompanied by a heavy dose of forced learning. (School)

At 18 we are more complex than when we were 8.

What now? We can think it's the Freedom to not learn - but in reality it's the exact Opposite! Learning creates Freedom.

No one is going to "make" you learn - there is a famous law suit of employees suing their employer because Personal Development resources were part of their compensation plan.

There is another term for this stoppage or plateau of mental growth - Arrested Development.

The Important part to know is that your Personal Evolution is a function of the work you have put in.

No Work = No Evolution.

Each Day is a 24 hour guaranteed opportunity to Grow.

An Opportunity to go to bed smarter than when you woke up.

An Opportunity to be Free.

An Opportunity to Evolve.

Embrace the Effort.

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