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We have been led astray.

Almost everything we see and hear preaches the aspiration of Comfort and Ease, the idea being that this is what will being us happiness.

We will never remember the days when we binge watched Netflix, or called in sick (when we weren't), or didn't tell the truth, or give our best effort in an endeavor. At least we won't recall them with any Pride.

What we remember is when gave a max Effort, faced an uncomfortable task and prevailed, put in long hours for a desired outcome, learned a new skill to expand our expertise. We remember the toil and the tears and the feeling of accomplishment.

We remember the mindset that created those memories, and how it moved us forward.

Life is long, it's a game of chess not checkers, and the only sustainable path is one of Growth.

Comfort and Growth Mindset cannot co-exist.

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