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Cycle of Effort

Updated: Jun 28

Achieving anything worthwhile requires Effort.

Continual Effort and Awareness in three areas:

Preparation (You)

Presentation (Your work)

Performance (the outcome, both personally and professionally of the first two)

This applies to everyone in any profession.

Preparation is what we bring to the world everyday - Physically, Mentally, Spiritually, Relationally, and Financially. Struggling (or ignoring) any of them impacts our......

Presentation: how we do our work. Competence. Skill Development. Not being Prepared and delivering a poor Presentation seriously compromises our.....

Performance: the outcome of our Preparation and Presentation.

We must continually have an Awareness to see how to improve for the next Cycle. (Even if we are doing great - for the moment)

Consistent Effort to stay in the Cycle and not Flatline.

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