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Dizziness of Freedom

I saw a tip jar on the counter of a coffee shop with a sign on it that read:

"If you fear Change, leave it Here."

Haha. A clever acknowledgement of the natural human aversion to Change in our lives.

As we face Changes that NEED to happen in our lives, we are faced with the choice of two Emotions:

Anxiety or Depression.

Thus, the Aversion.

Anxiety because of the uncertainty of how the Change is going to play out, or

Depression from not making the Change and staying Stuck.

We get to choose.

Learning to live with the Anxiety of the Unknown as we seek to improve our lives is the best option possible. (Learning by Acknowledging it is there and normal)

Or to view it as Soren Kierkegaard did - that "Anxiety is the Dizziness of Freedom".

Anything worth Achieving requires EFFORT.

Embrace it.

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