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Don't Get Lazy

There are 2 types of Laziness - the first one is when we sit around and wait for something to happen in our lives so we can react - the only benefit to this type of Laziness is that we always can blame something outside of ourselves for the results we aren't achieving.

The second kind is even more dangerous than the first - its when things are going really well for us, and it is easier than normal, and we take it for granted, think we are great, and neglect to do all the things that got us in the position to succeed in the first place. Building Value, establishing a Creative Monopoly ( because no one is you or your company), saying Thank You, Continuing to Learn and refine - basically getting Lazy due to a good market.

Jim Collins of Good to Great fame writes that the first step of companies that begin to fail(the Doom Loop) is Hubris from Success. (#2 is undisciplined pursuit of MORE and # 3 Denial that there are problems. You re basically gone by #4 and #5).

Good times are actually an easier environment to work on being GREAT - but you have to pay attention, and make the EFFORT to not get lazy.

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