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Effort Activates Energy

I was wondering what came first - Energy or Effort - and if it was Energy - where was the Energy going to come from - if we thought we didn't possess it to begin with. What I learned was that ALL Energy is Potential Energy -think of electricity and a light switch - with the light off - the Energy is there - but not activated. Same with us and ANYTHING we hope to accomplish - the Energy is there - but not activated - and the only way to activate Potential Energy? Effort - it takes Effort to activate the Energy.

This sculpture - l'Effort - is in the Luxembourg Gardens in Paris and it is of Hercules performing one of his 12 Labours (punishment for losing his cool and killing his wife and kids) and he has to clean the Kings stables with 1,000's of cattle and they haven't been cleaned in 30 years and he has to do it in 1 Day. The title symbolizes what it's going to take to make it happen.

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