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Physical Health leads my list of "things" that do not take care of themselves.

Whether acknowledged or not, Physical health is crucial for salespeople, as it directly impacts our productivity and performance. Regular exercise and a healthy diet can improve energy levels, reduce stress, and increase focus and concentration.

Our physical health also plays a role in effective sales techniques. Salespeople who are in good physical shape are more likely to be confident and persuasive in their interactions with clients. They are also better equipped to handle objections, rejection, long hours, and high-pressure situations.

Improved physical health can also have a significant impact on a salesperson's overall well-being, including increased energy levels, and better mental clarity.

It is hard to be effective if we don't feel good.

Sustaining a career and doing work that is impactful will require our best Effort (regardless of how we accomplish it)  towards our overall Health.

Embrace the Effort.

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