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In his book "To Sell is Human" Daniel Pink shared the information that out of all jobs in the USA - 1 in 9 were in traditional sales roles (more than in manufacturing). In regard to "sales" being to influence, persuade or convince, that the other 8 out of 9 jobs required at least 41% of their jobs were to adhere to that definition - and that their jobs were dependent on that component.

Long story short - 9 out of 9 jobs in America require Sales skills.

Clearly this is still a secret to most workers.

Regardless of our work, we are all on a Sales Journey, and at some point, in time, usually sooner than later, unless we are comfortable with flatlining (my new favorite word to reference sales efforts) and never improving, we are Summoned to Skill Development to grow and expand.

Like a legal Summons, we always have the option to refuse it.

The outcome for refusal in either instance, is never pretty.

Embrace the Effort.

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