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Learning is Always Optional

Jim Rohn famously said:

"Learning is the beginning of Wealth.

Learning is the beginning of Health.

Learning is the beginning of Spirituality.

Searching and Learning is where the miracle

process all begins."

When we make the EFFORT to commit to the process of Lifelong Learning - we quickly discover how much we don't know - and with intense focus for the rest of lives - will still only Learn a small fraction of available Knowledge. We can only develop as we go, as best we can, as unfinished works in process.

There are a couple of major obstacles in the Miracle process of Learning:

Helplessness - the belief we can't influence the circumstances of lives, which undermines the incentive to learn.

Also, the belief that Someone, Somewhere dictates our actions. Both an insidious way to relinquish personal accountability.

It's only when we take the responsibility for our future in our own hands that we fully understand that Learning matters, more than anything.

Embrace the Effort - OR - Evade the Effort.

We each get to choose daily - it's always an option.

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