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"I see people rise in life who are not the smartest, sometimes not even the most diligent, but they are learning machines. They go to bed every night a little wiser than they were when they got up and boy does that help."

— Charlie Munger

Thinking we have to be in school or in a class to learn is one of the biggest traps we can fall into.

We are all looking to succeed, we are all looking for improvements in our lives - though often we are looking in the wrong places.

Internet, social media, crypto wizard Sam Bank-Friedman famously said that anyone who wrote a book "fkd" up - because it should have been a 6-paragraph blog. (Note: he is in prison awaiting sentencing and facing over 100 years for fraud and theft.)

80% of US Households did not buy or read a book last year. So logically, as Jim Rohn mused "the book you don't read won't help."

Consider this - if you read one book a month you could rise to be one of the top 1% of earners in your field.

If you read one book a week you could become one of the best educated, smartest, most competent and highest paid people available.

Sounds pretty easy - but it's just as easy not to.

Charlie Munger knows we are naturally wired to be Learning Machines, and I know

that to grow and learn, that we have to be, and are innately, Effort Machines.

Achieving anything worthwhile, requires Effort.

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Another great read! Learners are earners. Thanks Steve.

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