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We all have them - and as pointed out in Daniel Pink's book The Power of Regret - we can use them as fuel to improve. No one is Perfect.

There was a World Regret Survey where they solicited feedback from aged people from all over the world - 70+ - on looking back on their lives - what they regretted the most.

Though the answers we far ranging - they all basically fell into 4 categories:

Moral - Didn't do the Right thing.

Relational - Didn't reach out to repair a relationship.

Boldness - Didn't take a chance.

And the 4th - the largest category of Regret for people at the end of their lives (and the entire reason I am writing this post) was:

Foundational - Didn't do the work.

Didn't put in the Time or Effort necessary to grow and expand the full potential of their lives.

Ouch. A Hard reality to face at the end of our time on earth.

Took it easy, coasted, and created their greatest Regret.

Success (or Failure) is never immediate - it is the culmination of all these days, months, and years that can lull us into a false sense of security that the daily Effort doesn't Matter.

Everything Matters - ESPECIALLY the Effort.


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