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There is Always Another Level

How many pull ups can you do? Well - if the answer is zero -1 (like it was for me before getting a bar and practicing) - then the "next" level is 2. Then 3 and so on - all the way to 1000 in a 24 hour period (David Goggins) - so wherever you are - there is always another level.

As it relates to our work - the challenge becomes identifying the next level, and a strategy to get there.

This becomes difficult the more you accomplish - because you aren't at Zero with an easy metric to improvement. You are successful, proficient in your work. But it is still there - the next level that possibly only you can see.

Here is the kicker - You don't have to do anything, the World certainly isn't going to ask you to go there - the World could care less and will actually encourage the opposite. And yet - it remains.

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