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Too Much Torpor

I love this word and I seldom get a chance to use it.

It means "a state of physical and mental inactivity".

Now if we consider that Time and Attention are our most precious resources, we need to direct both of them toward Too Much Torpor.

Scott Galloway refers to the "messaging" that we all receive over and over every day of our lives as Efforts from the Media Industrial Complex, and that their agenda is to keep us all Obese, Broke, and Angry.

Achieving this through encouragement and reinforcement of the Me, Me, Me, Now, Now, Now is all that matters philosophy.

It seems to be working.

50% of the WORLD is forecasted to be Obese by 2030.

50% of 55+ Americans have virtually no savings for Retirement, and 2 in 3 American can't cover a $400 emergency expense.

If you want to see Angry -look at our political situation or post anything you actually think or feel on the Internet.

I view all these as an individual Call to Action for a bigger and better Vision of the potential and Quality of our Lives.

No one can do it for us, no one is going to pull us up, we are going to have to step out of the mainstream, with or without our those around us, and have GREAT mental and physical activity to reverse and/or improve the conditions of wherever we find ourselves.

We have to take Action for ourselves,

there is no getting around it.

Too Much of Anything - is still Too Much.

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