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Heavy Weights

Updated: Aug 31, 2023

One of my favorite quotes on Training is from the World Champion body Builder Ronnie Coleman:

" Everybody wants to be a Bodybuilder, but nobody wants to lift no heavy-ass weights."

We all want the result - but not always willing to do the work.

How well we do our jobs - our Performance - is where we are either Elevated - or Exposed.

I know we always think we can "rise" to the occasion - without putting in the required work - but the reality is we do not Rise to the challenge - we default to our Training.

Practice - learning a new skill, and Training - becoming more proficient at that skill - is not a one-time occurrence - it is a lifelong cycle - if we are serious about our Performance as it relates to our lives.

The work remains the same and all we can do is put in the reps.

If you are going to "Wish" it was different for you - don't Wish it was easier, Wish you were Better.

Lift some metaphorical heavy ass weights and Elevate.

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