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Win One For The Gipper

Of course I love everything related to Notre Dame, so this phrase from an ancient movie has always been familiar to me - in the film (based on a real person) George Gipp can't play in a big game - so he implores his team to "Win One for the Gipper". Great stuff.

But as I get older - and think about how for a large part of our lives we are looking for external reasons to do what we need to do - as motivational as that can be sometimes - what if they don't come along? The only sustainable Motivation is Self Motivation, and we can't wait for a big dramatic moment - we are going to need it TODAY.

So I tell everyone now - "Hey - Win one for the Gipper!" - But here is the catch - YOU are the Gipper! You are the person you need to be winning for on a daily basis by your ATTITUDE and EFFORTS. Life is not a zero sum game - someone doesn't have to lose if we win - and we need to win for ourselves (so that we can be useful to this world) on a daily basis.

You Are The Gipper!

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