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WORK Part 1: Perspective

"I lived less like a Workhorse and more like a Slave"


There is a fine line between Workhorse and Slave - and having been both at different times in my career - I learned that I wasn't a Slave to the Work - I was a Slave to my Perspective of the Work.

Perspective - our attitude or how we regard something - is created from what we know, which is basically the Past (and no longer exists), and when we approach burnout or real dissatisfaction with our job - we naturally blame the Work.

In our careers, Ambition gets us started, and then we have to learn the biggest components of what's required for the Work - then its critical to realize that after your first year of Effort, the world has changed incrementally and therefore - like it or not - so must we.

I know people who have been in Sales for 20 years but instead of 20 years' experience - they have 1 years' experience for 20 years. Then the Dissatisfaction and Pressure builds.

What we need to blame(if anything) is the Unsustainable Perspective, and to develop a more Sustainable Strategy by updating and expanding our skills, knowledge and view of our Efforts, and the only way to do that is to increase our CAPACITY. (Part 2)

There are no Happy Fulfilled Slaves.

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