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WORK Part 2: Capacity

What I think Seth Godin meant when he said that in his experience "90% of all Salespeople are below Average" wasn't to insult Salespeople - but an observation of the lack of Capacity in the field.

The definition of Capacity is "the ability or power to do, experience, or understand something." In short: Skill.

The Great thing about Skills: they can be Learned.

First Step - Perspective - understanding we have to take our jobs seriously (if we don't - who will?) and that it is an ongoing Development process.

Second Step - Capacity - learning and expanding our skill set. A quick Quiz on Capacity:

As it relates to Personal or Professional Development - in the last 12 months:

How many Workshops have you attended?

How many Books have you read?

How many Podcasts have you listened to?

How much of your own money have you Invested in yourself? (Warren Buffets says it is the most critical investment you can make)

and finally:

Is this Good Enough?

Our Lives (and Work) Change when we Change. We see things differently as we grow and the more we learn, the more we understand how much we don't know, and once we enlarge and expand we can never go back to where we are currently, and we have visions of totally New Horizons.

It takes EFFORT.

Effort and MINDSET (Part 3)

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