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I have been using Seth Godin's quote as fuel for Sales Training and Skill Development:

"In my experience, 90% of Salespeople are below average."

I understand the gist of what he is saying, 90% are lacking in skills, but what has bothered me and what I don't agree with is the term "Average".

I have never met an Average Salesperson.

Everyone I have met have been unique in their own way.

Uniquely Effective, or uniquely Ineffective.

The good news is that becoming Effective consists of Skill sets within the Sales Process that can be developed.

The bad news is no one can do it for you, and it doesn't happen on its own.

Seth is saying that 90% of Salespeople (that he has met) need to improve their Skill sets to become more Effective in their work.

Sales is serious work that requires serious Effort.

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