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I conducted a couple of workshops recently, and offhandedly asked each day how many people had written goals for 2024. There were very few hands raised.

Made me think of three things:

1st - Goals have a powerful effect on your life, so I'm going to conduct a Goal Setting exercise in every workshop I do now.

2nd - the rhetorical question "What if something is critically important in your life, and you treat it like it isn't?" (This applies to many areas)

3rd - Why?

The obvious answer is that we don't think it matters? The other is that we don't know how.

If the first - refer to #2 above.

If you don't know how, that's great news, because setting Goals is a skill, and all skills are learnable.

Jim Rohn said it's as simple as "Decide what you want and write it down!".

The writing is the important bit, anything you want to accomplish, if not written down, is a Wish - not a Goal.

I've had people tell me they don't need Goals - they are doing "fine". To which I reply - Ok - so there is nothing in your life that you would like to do better? Of course there is, and "better" is something you become, and to become better - it would have to be a Goal.

Goals pull us forward, and without them were are stuck where we are, and even if that is somewhere great (at the moment) - you are going to need a Goal and strategies to maintain it.

We all get the option to work on our own Goals, or by default work on someone Else's.

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