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Good News - No one Cares

I ran 6 miles today. I run 6 miles every Thursday - 4 miles on Tuesday and 8 miles on Sunday. Do you care? Would it make any difference to you if I never ran again? If you are a healthy person your answer is "NO" - you don't care because it has nothing to do with you - it only has something to do with me. This is the point regarding almost everything in our lives - if we are waiting for others to care enough that we do the right and healthy thing - then we are free to do nothing, become untethered, and do whatever we like - including forgetting we are supposed to be in charge of these things.

You might say "well my partner cares" or "my Mom cares" but you would be mistaken - what you are calling "Caring" is really an interest and concern that YOU care enough to do the things to take care of yourself that allows you to do the same for them. They "Hope" you exercise, eat and drink sensibly, read and learn, have a moral code, stay connected with them in a healthy manner, and spend less than you earn. They Hope you care about you because if you don't - then nothing really matters.

Good News.

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