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Look Up!

I'm in the middle of writing an article of the "7 Deadly Performance Obstacles for Salespeople - and How to Overcome Them" and #1 on my list is Smart Phones/Social Media.

The problem for Salespeople is NOT the fact that human productivity has not increased since the introduction of the personal computer, or the well documented facts concerning the addictive design of the devices and increased levels of Social Anxiety, Depression, and even Suicide.

The problem for Salespeople is the effect of constant use inhibits the ability to Think Long Term. It encourages the moment as all that matters, (that chemical release in our brains) and for a Successful, Sustainable, Sales Career - it's a game of Chess not Checkers. In a word it gets us "Stuck" - and that is the worst possible place for a Salesperson to be.

In South Korea they have put the traffic lights into LED's in the street so that the masses don't have to look up from their devices - even to cross the street.

If you Value your Career and Quality of Life - for heaven's sake - LOOK UP!

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