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Shortcut To Avoid Thinking

Tradition in many cases is a comfort, though in many others they are a self-imposed prison.

When we use tradition without examining for relevance (shortcut to avoid thinking) it is usually for a sense of security - but when the mind is secure - it is in decay.

One of the best definitions I have ever heard of "Optimism" is "the belief that any problem can be improved with more knowledge". Any problem or struggle - solvable with new information.

In an ever-changing world - Traditions (entrenched mental models) might bring us temporary comfort or nostalgia but what it won't bring us is what we need to adapt for the reality of now. Being open to new ideas and information will.

Yesterday's solutions won't solve Today's problems.

Nostalgia - looking back so lovingly on a set of circumstances that no longer exist - doesn't help.

Question everything.


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