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Updated: May 3

The law of unintended consequences - that every action (and inaction) has results that aren't part of original plan, cuts both ways, both positively and negatively.

Unspoken and part of every aspect of where we find ourselves, on this Bumpy road to Better, is the presence (or lack of) Esteem.

Esteem: to have great regard for, Value highly, Respect.”

Esteem for Ourselves.

Esteem for our Work.

Esteem for the Moment. (Today)

Put them in any order you like, but when all three are present, our Health, Happiness and Effectiveness, as well as our understanding of the Importance of this Virtue, have a specific ripple effect to positively impact everything around us.

Remove even one, and problems we can't even imagine ensue, creating an adverse environment that we can then begin to think is "normal".

Nothing is normal without Esteem.

Virtues, like Values and Principles, are Skills that can be developed just like any other. (with Effort)

This one needs to be the bedrock of all the others.


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