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Recent research calculates that we are on some type of device (phone,computer,television, tablet, etc.) an average of 13.2 hours a day.

If we sleep 8 hours that leaves us 2.8 hours when we are actually screen free. That is actually mind boggling and even hard to write in this post.

Research also explains that our brains are not designed to take in this much information in short periods of time, and what we are exposed to on a DAILY basis - is more than a human being 700 years ago experienced in their entire LIFETIME.

This can't be good.

Understanding that no one is looking out for our best interests, allows us the crystal-clear Accountability that we have to look out for ourselves.

The answer isn't to just coast along - the answer is the same for any positive change you want to make in your life: Raise Your Standards.

Key word: YOUR.

If we don't make the Effort - in all the critical area of our lives, no one will.


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