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"Success leads to Complacency,

Complacency leads to Failure."

Andy Grove

Complacency is founded on a common delusion that one can somehow stop and maintain a level of success or accomplishment.

Whether Personal or Professional, just like Nature and Society, we are either moving forward or we are moving backward, and Complacency, status quo, whatever you want to call it, is moving backward, which leads to Failure.

Myopic Discounting occurs when we put all of our Value on this moment, Now - and devalue the Future - only because we can see one of them clearly. A near sighted, misguided vision of how the world works.

Now is important - but only in the context of how it can serve us on our way to the Future.

It doesn't mean we necessarily like the work, or the beneficial task; it means we understand the importance of it.


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